Washer Appliance Installation Montgomery AlabamaAt Chandler Appliance Repair, we understand that sometimes installing your new appliance can be difficult. How do you install a new microwave or dishwasher? With so many moving parts and limited space to work in, it can be hard to get your appliance installed correctly.

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This is why we offer Appliance Installation for those who live within Montgomery, AL.

Our Montgomery Appliance Installation Services Include:

  • New Garbage Disposals (as long as we are replacing an old unit).
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Most new appliances can use the same connections to the house. As long as the new appliance does not need a new plugin source or new wiring, we can setup the appliance for you.

If new wiring is needed, you will first need to get an approved electrician to wire the area that the new appliance will be located. For this reason we can only install new disposals as long as one was already located there, otherwise you will need to get the wiring done before contacting us.

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Chandler’s also can fix appliances in Montgomery. If your appliance is broken, give us a call to see if you need to buy a new unit or if we can fix it for you. Most times it’s best to try to fix a broken appliance, rather than spending hundreds on a new unit. Our most fixed appliance is a dryer. If you are looking for dryer repair in Montgomery, call us to see how we can help!